PVT Stock Studios features four separate recording spaces. Each space offers the highest quality gear and services. They specialize in rap/hip hop recording artists. PVT STOCK is more than a recording studio, they are a record label. They work with artists such as A. Van Gogh, Phor, Ikon and more

Gravity Studios features two separate recording spaces. One a bit larger than the other, but both are able to suit your needs. Both spaces have a really cool and unique design. The staff at Gravity Studios have almost 100 years of experience combined with recording and producing original music.

pvt stock

gravity studios

Chicago record company

Chicago Recording Studios has multiple recording spaces. Their facility is large and they offer a multitude of services including recording, mixing, and mastering. They offer a professional luxury experience and have worked with artists such as Jeremiah, Chance the rapper, Aaliyah, Twista, and so many more.


At Jungle AE recording Studio the staff is made up of independent artists, producers, promoters, bloggers, and business owners that help Jungle AE a forced to be reckoned with. Studio rates start at $50/hr including an engineer.  The studio offers recording, mixing, mastering, and audio classes.