Voice 2 Hard has worked with artists such as hood celebritiy, DC Young Fly, Goldie24K, Boosie and more. He is an experienced videographer and has shot over 200 music videos. His music videos are professional, clear, and very creative. Whether it’s the way he uses color/light or his eye-popping edits he always finds a way to put a unique spin on his video. 

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This creative’s music videos have been featured on BET, WSHH, Hypebeast, XXL, and No Jumper. They’ve worked with artists such as Lil Dev, El Nino, and so many more. Wet Visuals is a knowledgable production team that has worked with countless artists. They set themselves apart with their fluid graphics, unique shots, and creative sets. 

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Savani has worked with artists such as Da Baby, Ace Boogie, Gunna, and so many more. With more than 1,000,000 views collectively on youtube Savani show’s that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is a genius with a camera. From his music videos to his photography, his work is always flawless. 

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jesse ray diamond

Jesse Ray Diamond is not only a talented director but he is a skilled writer as well. He is experienced with lighting shots properly, unique set design, and specific camera shots. He has worked with artists such as Big Sean, Kash Doll, Eric Bellinger, OT Genasis, and so many more. 

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shot by furis

Furis is an indie filmmaker who has a really creative point of view. His ability to successfully create engaging visuals and infuse it with musicality is exceptional. Each of his videos is different, unique, and creative. 

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azae productions

This incredible production team creates professional music videos & photos. His work is stunning and his music videos always hit hard. He has worked with artists such as FUTURE, fivio foreign, young m.a,  BANDHUNTTA IZZY, AND SO MANY MORE. 

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Pix 7

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snaps studio

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breann white

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Rose Studios is a versatile space. They offer loads of options for sets and lighting that give creatives and entrepreneurs the perfect setting for unique photo and video shoots. They have three studio spaces and two rooftops. With studios starting at $100 per hour Rose Studios is affordable and accessible to all creatives.

Concrete Studios is located in Los Angeles. The studio offers 5 different sets for your video or photoshoots. The rates start at $50/hour with a minimum of two hours. They also offer very good packages or if you're looking to rent the studio for 4 + hours. You can also book multiple studios!

Melrose Studios is located in Los Angeles, California. This is one of Los Angeles premier recording studio. The studio has three separate recording spaces that have cool designs & bright colors. They have worked with artists such as Kehlani, Aluna Georgia, Jason Derulo, Iamsu, and many more. 

Red Wall Studios is a unique music and film studio. Not only can you record your music in a dope environment, but you can also shoot your music video. Their sets are professional, vivid, and specifically catered to the artist or group requesting the set. They offer various different packages that included recording sessions and filming sessions starting at $360. This studio is located in Fremont, California. 

This professional recording studio is located in Los Angeles, California. They offer voice recording, music recording, audio mixing, mastering, and audio post-production. Their rates start at $157.00 for 6 hours for the smaller studio, and  $210 for for 6 hours. They require a 6 hour minimum. 

fd studios


rose studios la

concrete studios

melrose studios

red wall


nightbird studios

Nightbird consists of three multi-purpose recording studios. ITS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR STUDIOS IN LOS ANGELES With an extensive list of A-list clients such as Drake, Rihanna, Camilla Cabello, XXXTenacion, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Shawn Mendes, and so many more Night Bird Studios sets itself apart as a unique and creative space for artists. 

very special studios

FD Studio has a couple of locations in Los Angeles. The main studio has four separate spaces including a blackout studio so you can control the light, a studio featuring a cyc wall, and so much more. Rates vary depending on size, equipment, and how many hours you want to book the studio. Starting rate is $40/hr.

paramount recording studios

Paramount has recording studios in Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Burbank. If you’re looking for a truly professional experience this is the studio to book. They offer various studios that vary in size and in terms of equipment. They’re list of clients includes huge names like Aerosmith, The Beatles, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Trey songs, and so many more.

studio city sounds

 This large studio has three separate recording studios. On top of offering recording, mixing, and mastering Studio city also offers services for arrangements, vocal producing, vocal production, song selection, songwriting assistance, post-production, video production, and much more. Artists such as Birdman, Trippie Redd, Juicy J, and many more have worked at this studio.