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ChiNative is a rap collective putting on for the windy city! Read more Here:

Chi-Native is a rap collective that is putting on for the Windy City! Comprised of I.Deal, Mic Logik, and Wrds, this unique group is etching their own lane in the Hip Hop community. The combination of their energetic flows, clever wordplay, and ability to feed off one another has helped them to create an authentic sound that showcases their individuality on a united front!

While the pandemic has put a halt on things for many, Chi-Native has been able to adapt and keep hot new music coming for their fans! Their latest singles “Intro” and “Never Change” showcases the collective’s versatility and ability to all hold their weight on a track. Both singles also attest to the groups resilience which is a great motivator for their audience. Be sure to look out for their upcoming collab album “Passports” which we’re confident will not disappoint!

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