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Marsalis Davis discusses aesthetic, believing in himself, and his upcoming album "Tonight, we feast"

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Marsalis Davis is truly one of the most unique artist we’ve seen in quite some time! He’s putting on for Jersey and believe us, he’s not one to count out! Davis has an originality that shines through his music and personal style. Early inspiration from Rock and R&B music has helped him develop his unique aesthetic. His self proclaimed “unicorn uniqueness” has put him at the forefront of upcoming artists to look out for!

Marsalis Davis’s most recent single “A Whore Hause of Fun” showcases his unique point of view, while still delivering a fire track with versatile flow! We anticipate some insanely creative visuals to pair with this song. Davis is also working on his album “Tonight We Feast”. Davis describes the album as a comedy and love story. The project will tell the story of his visit to the underworld where he meets the devil’s son and helps him through a heartbreak while reflecting on his own. We’re so excited to see how the album will play out as were ready to be taken on an experience with Davis as the captain!

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