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Michael matic; on the come up!

Hailing from New York, Michael Matic is an expressive upcoming artist who is looking to leave his stamp on the industry! Drawing from his own life experiences, Michael Matic uses his music as an outlet to tell his story. He possesses an honesty in his music that is welcoming to his audience. His versatile flow, use of melodics, and clever bars help him to deliver a unique sound that sets the foundation for his artistry!

With tracks like “Wins after Losses” and “You Know the Vibes”, Matic shows how his inspirations of Pop and R&B play into his sound. In his track “Hypocrisy”, he also uses his platform to speak on the current social injustices plaguing his community which is commendable! So what’s next for the Brooklyn native? Michael Matic will be soon releasing his next single “Don’t I”, a track he says will show his vulnerability. Be sure to look out for the single and video coming soon!

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