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Rapper and Singer BRI is guIDING the way for other female artists!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Rapper and singer BRI is a fresh new talent who is using her journey of self-expression and awareness to share her vision through her pen! Displaying great vulnerability in her music, BRI pulls from her life experiences and delivers raw emotion and reality to her listeners. Hailing from the eccentric streets of Brooklyn, BRI has been able to cultivate her own unique sound and build a solid foundation for her artistry to shine!

BRI describes her latest single “Frequency” as “an example of what infinite presence feels like”. The mystical sound of the drums gives you a nostalgic feeling and BRI’s sultry vocals brings it home! The soothing tone in her voice leaves listeners enamored with the track which is nothing short of an experience. Be sure to stream “Frequency” now available on all platforms!

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